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Cam Newton flattens Giants defender on run play (Video)

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may be a signal-caller, but he’s built like a linebacker, so he can really lower the boom if given the opportunity.
Newton is listed at 245 pounds, and stands six-foot-five, which is why he’s so difficult to bring down, especially once he gets his legs churning.
He doesn’t shy away from contact, either, so when he got the chance to lay a big block on a Giants player during Sunday’s game, he relished the opportunity. It happened in the first quarter, when the Panthers ran an end-around. Newton handed the ball off to running back Christian McCaffrey, who flipped it to wide receiver D.J. Moore. Newton then helped spring his teammate by flattening Giants linebacker Kareem Martin with a well-executed block.

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#Panthers Zone Read Reverse:– Newton #BetheHammer on Kareem Martin, my god– Riley pretty solid physicality on the 3rd tier tackle (no one prob cares)– #NYGvsCAR #GiantTidibts #Giants
— Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21) October 7, 2018

Martin weighs 265 pounds, so it certainly isn’t easy to send him to the ground like Newton did, but the Panthers quarterback knows how to use his size to impose his will on opponents.

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