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Watch: Johnny Manziel runs trick play to perfection

Johnny Manziel may no longer play in the NFL, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t take a page out of one particular team’s playbook.
That’s exactly what he did during Friday’s game against the Blue Bombers, when the Alouettes quarterback ran a similar version of the play that helped the Eagles win Super Bowl 52.
The Alouettes were trailing 21-6 at the time, in need of a big play to move the chains. That’s when Manziel and Co. busted out their own version of the “Philly Special,” and it worked. Manziel received the snap and handed the ball off to wide receiver Eugene Lewis, who was in motion across the formation. Lewis then tossed the ball to Manziel, who caught it and ran, for a gain of over 20 yards.

Money Manziel breaking out the… Montreal Special @ComebackSZNshow
— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) September 22, 2018

Manziel showed he’s still got some tricks up his sleeve on that play, which worked to perfection.