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Jason Witten roasted for these awful catch-phrases on 'Monday Night Football'

The Jason Witten “Monday Night Football” experiment is off to an awful start.
It’s funny, because so many expected him to do well, given that his former teammate, Tony Romo, has been crushing it in the booth. The two learned from one another, and shared plenty of football thoughts both on and off the field. Witten was known for being a heady player, so it was assumed he’d make for great commentary.
It’s been quite the opposite, as he’s been awful, and Twitter users have been ripping him to shreds during games.
His “highlight” from Monday’s Packers-49ers game was when he said Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pulled a “rabbit out of his head,” which was hilarious.

"He pulls another rabbit out of his head." -Witten
— Stick Stickly (@JeffArgyros) October 16, 2018

This trick is so boring for Jason Witten. He's seen rabbits come out of heads.
— Jamey Eisenberg (@JameyEisenberg) October 16, 2018

amazing performance by rodgers tonight
— nick (@nick_pants) October 16, 2018

There was also this:

"San Francisco cannot kick themselves in the foot like that." Jason Witten just out here making stuff up.
— Kyle Madson (@KyleAMadson) October 16, 2018

…And it’s a good thing “Sam” Rodgers was able to pull off the comeback!

“Every possession is so critical when you’re going up against Sam Rodgers.” – Jason Witten
— Patrick Keane (@phkeane) October 16, 2018

This could be Witten’s final season in the booth — at least on the big “Monday Night Football” stage. They’ve gotta get him out of there.