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Method Man Calls For Nike To Put Wu-Tang Dunks Back on the Scene

It is apparent, Wu-brother Method Man understands the detail behind the collective’s famed slogan, “Wu-Tang Forever,” the same title as their classic sophomore debut. According to Sole Collective, the Hip-Hop icon is putting Nike on the hot seat in request nostalgic released of the sacred and classic “Wu-Tang” Dunk High sneaker.
The Tical rapper was recently spotted on Flight Club’s Instagram stories expressing his concern, highlighting the 25th anniversary of the group’s debut album in lieu of the possible commemorating transaction.

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@methodmanofficial thinks Nike should bring back the Wu-Tang Dunks (via @flightclub)
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“I ain’t gonna lie. My feelings is hurt,” said Meth. “Being that it’s the 25th anniversary of Wu-Tang, I thought you guys would be more than happy to re-issue a shoe, a limited shoe at that, that sold a lot of pairs.”
The sneaker is reportedly one of the rarest and in-demand rubber-soled shoes among dedicated sneaker collectors. Even though the shoe is currently out of stock, when occasionally available for purchase, the yellow-and-black hued make retails for $15 thousand. The shoe, slated with the classic Wu symbol created by Allah Mathematics, was originally released in 1999 and limited to only 36 pairs, in honor of the groups 36 chambers model.
“I think the fans should holler at Nike and let them know how much we need this shoe back. I don’t even care if it’s a limited release,” Meth continued.
If it were up to any classic Hip-Hop head, the re-release of Wu-Tang dunks is a pretty sound idea for 2018. Especially, with Wu-Tang having their first Billboard single in sixteen years with Logic’s “Wu-Tang Forever” and the coming of a new Hulu series about the group’s Staten Island origins titled “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”, these endeavors only show the importance of keeping the presence and narrative of the classic Hip-Hop elements alive, and the revamping of a beloved retro sneaker would certainly speak volumes.
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