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CHSR is a volunteer owned and operated station.
This means that the sun rises and sets on our volunteer membership.
Public radio in the best sense of the world, we are a 100% non-profit operation.

We broadcast on 97.9 FM in the Capital region of New Brunswick

from a transmitter located on top of a building at the University of New Brunswick.
Our studios are located at the Student Union Building which is part of UNB and shared with St Thomas University.
We’ve also been streaming on-line for over a decade, and we started offering podcasts in 2006.
We began as a student club in 1961 with our founder, Barry Yoell, making us among the oldest campus stations in the country .

We were a founding member of the National Campus/Community Radio Association (NCRA)

which now boasts well over a hundred stations across the country.
To honour our founder, we hold an annual awards ceremony celebrating the best of the radio for the year, called The Barry Awards.
We’re always looking for more volunteers to take on shows and production work, as well as help us review and catalog our great music collection.
Why not give some volunteer time to y our community radio station.
Contact | Member Section | Community Calendar | Get Your Music on CHSR NCRA.
Licensed to Play.
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