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Where no app has gone before

Where no app has gone before.
Designed for iPad.

The Official Star Trek™ PADD (Personal Access Display Device) immerses fans in a rich

interactive database of Star Trek information and images via a faithful reproduction of the LCARS-style interface popularized in the Star Trek: The Next Generation™ series.
Beam me up.
ArcTouch faithfully recreated the Star Trek TV show computer interface —complete with video and audio — giving users access to an interactive database of information and images.
Scan for new life.

This app’s mobile optimized CMS handles a massive store of Star Trek data

Managers update content via the web to automatically sync to devices.
Comms are active.
Star Trek PADD interfaces with CBS’s social media feeds to supply fans and CBS with an open channel of two-way communication.
Live long and prosper.
CBS had a universe of Star Trek information they wanted to share with fans in way that pushed the boundaries of existing technologies.
The mobile app they envisioned exceeded the brand standards of CBS and the even more demanding standards of Star Trek fans.

In order to effectively draw enthusiasts deeper into the world of the USS Enterprise

it had to feel as futuristic as the television show.
ArcTouch designed and engineered the Star Trek PADD’s user interface to match the one seen on the show, bringing fans directly onto the bridge of the sci-fi starship.
Using the app feels immersive, with video and sound effects from episodes integrated in.

The result was authentic enough to impress even the visual designer of the TV show

and become an instant hit with fans—reaching the #1 paid app in iTunes and designated as “Editor’s Choice” by Apple.

It also was honored with the Media Vanguard Award for “Best Sci-Fi App.”

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