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7 Tips for Nailing Your Remote Job Interview in the tech industry

By Beatriz Filatoff.
The thought of the interview process is daunting.
After all, it’s your dream job, one which you can work from anywhere, and you have only one chance to prove your worth.
Golden rule.
Preparation is key.
You can ace your remote job interview, you just have to do your research beforehand and be prepared.
Here are 7 expert tips to help you make an amazing impression and land the job!1.
Study your prospective employer.
It’s important to do your research about the company, along with its products and services, a sense of corporate social responsibility, and internal and external activities.
So take time to check out the company’s website, .

As well as the LinkedIn profiles of its executives and your potential colleagues

This knowledge will not only help you convince the recruiter that you truly understand the company’s mission, but it will also help you prepare some non-typical questions to ask at the end of the interview.
You might even end up asking a thought-provoking question that leaves a lasting impression on your interviewer.
Keep your interview area professional and clutter-free       Interviewing in a messy space could make you come off as careless.
So when preparing where you’ll interview, look around at what the recruiter will be observing in the background.
Beyond keeping the area clutter-free, I suggest setting up a home office that looks professional.
This step could show the interviewer you’re serious about your work and aren’t easily distracted.       3.
Dress to impress.
Even if the company has a casual setting, make sure you look polished and presentable.
Get a haircut, press your clothes, and avoid wearing anything overly splashy or distracting.
Test your webcam, charge your laptop, and have everything you’ll need on hand.
Do your best to foresee things that could go wrong during your remote job interview.
Use a high-quality microphone and webcam to be at the top of your game.
Turn off your mobile phone and screen notifications, close all unnecessary applications, and make sure your laptop is fully charged.
Talk about why you’d succeed in a remote role.
If you’re someone who’s worked in a formal office environment throughout your career, there’s a chance the hiring manager could assume you think working remotely will be a breeze.
So make it clear that you’re taking the job seriously, and be prepared to discuss your reasons for wanting a remote position.
Show you’re reliable when duty calls.
One of the biggest concerns that employers have when hiring for a remote position is whether they can rely on the candidate when duty calls.
Be positive.
Outside of researching the company and your target job, you also want to show your interviewer how excited you are about the job.
Greet them enthusiastically and politely, while letting your authentic energy shine through.
The interviewer is looking to bring on a team member who will be happy to contribute and move the company forward, so showing your enthusiasm could go a long way toward leaving a lasting impression.
Be Advancio, Be Happy.
We are passionate about technology and the power it has to change the world.
We are building a company where we serve great businesses, hire great people, and have lots of fun doing what we love.
If you’re ready to grow your career and help millions of organizations grow better, you’ve come to the right place.
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The post 7 Tips for Nailing Your Remote Job Interview in the tech industry

appeared first on Software Outsourcing.



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