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There is only DJ but there is only one track “

Quirky info and amazing stats.

What to ALSO take away from this 3rd round

Koepka: “DJ has only one grand slam title” Brooks Koepka may well be two strokes behind Dustin Johnson but he remains ideally positioned to win his third consecutive US PGA title.
He relies on his experience and finds that no player around him can compete in this area.

Other than Johnson who won the US Open in 2016

none of the other two-stroke-and-header players have won in major.
“A lot of guys in the standings, I think, haven’t won at this level.
There is only DJ but there is only one track “, Koepka told CBS Sports’ Amanda Balionis after her 3rd round.
We remember that the two men would have hung on the plane that took them to Paris to play in the Ryder Cup 2018 without us really knowing what really happened.

Champ in the footsteps of Payne Stewart

Tied for 2nd at the dawn of the final lap Cameron Champ completed the first day in 68th place.
The last time a player had the same kind of start to the tournament before relaunching himself on the eve of a 4th round in major was Steve Jones at the US Open in 1996.

It is not known if Champ will go

know the same epilogue as Jones but the latter was 84th on Thursday night and ended up winning on Sunday.

In the US PGA you have to go back to 1989 and the victory of Payne Stewart
The American was 77th after day one before lifting the Wanamaker Trophy
Frustrated that I failed to move on earlier in the game    What about Tiger

Tiger Woods, who started his Saturday in the par, needed a big punch to get back into the race.
But once again his putter remained cold and it was not until the 16th and then the 18th that the Tiger transformed the chances he had won.
Cardholder 72 (+2) Woods won’t win his 16th major this week despite some very solid big play.

“I’m frustrated that I didn’t make it back earlier in the game,” said Woods

“I would have liked to have put in the putts at the beginning that I made at the end.
I had to settle for par on a lot of holes… Regarding my bogeys (4) I had some bad dregs the times I missed the green and sometimes I got on the wrong side.

“  Spieth’s disturbing stats Jordan Spieth struggles to find the fairway on his face-offs

With 43% of fairways affected, Spieth confirms the difficulties encountered by the American in this part of the game interviewed last year.
This is indeed the third time during the last four major tournaments that Spieth has not exceeded the symbolic bar of 50% of fairways affected, which had never happened to him before: In 2019 he had only taken 39% of the fairways.

Of the Open Championship at Portrush and 48% at the PGA Championship at Bethpage

8th eagle on a par 4 by Mickeslon Phil Mickelson made an eagle at 7 on Saturday.
Par 4 had been shortened for this 3rd round.
This is the 8th time the southpaw has achieved this major feat since 2000.

The previous one was in 2015 at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits

He joins Ernie Els, the only one ahead of him in this ranking before this third round.
L’article The other essential information of the 3rd round est apparu en premier sur Swing Update.



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