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This talk by Dorset Extinction Rebellion explores the scientific facts that illustrate the very real risks we are already facing, due to human-made climate and ecological crises, and what we need to do to prevent the worst effects.
The video reveals to me that climate change is best understood via dialectics.
(The art or practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments.)    Whoever or whatever is responsible for global warming the solution is to look at the data (agreed upon by over 99% of climate scientists – see video below) and to respond together.
Imagine a kettle heating up.
We do not notice it until it starts to boil and then the steam escapes rapidly until the water cools down.
We have the capacity to understand the data and to respond to the climate before it reaches a level in which most of its inhabitants are unable to sustainably survive.
That is what we call ‘too late’.
However, by responding earlier we can either stop the heating process or we can slow it down significantly.
Either way the planet and most of its inhabitant can survive longer and in Darwinian terms have longer to successfully adapt.
By embracing the detail we can be significant.
By not embracing the detail we become the voyeurs of destruction now and in the future.
Imagine being told to give a lecture on the works of Shakespeare without ever having read a letter of his work.
Then imagine being in the audience.
Climate and Ecological Emergency – What’s the urgency.
from redshark on Vimeo.
Over to us as ever was.
And THIS:    https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/global-warming-overview/    Jason Cridland The post The Environmental crisis is not something bad that might happen in the future – it is something bad that is happening right now appeared first on Dorset Eye.



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