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When looking for specific relief

One of the hottest topics in fitness these days is yoga.
It seems that no matter where you go, or which group of people you talk to, someone regularly attends yoga classes.
So, is this yoga-craze a trend, or are people really onto something.
When it comes to Nashua yoga, we’d like to say we’re onto something.
Or, should we say, catching onto something.
The oldest form of yoga practice dates back over 10,000 years ago and is known as Vedic Yoga.
However, the evolution of yoga has created pathways allowing one to customize targeted areas of their practice.
No matter which type of yoga practiced, understanding the basics is fundamental in your journey.
Providing several physical benefits as well as mental and spiritual healing, yoga allows for a connection between mind and body.
Asanas When beginning yoga, there’s one term you’ll quickly become familiar with asanas.
This word refers to a series of different poses that are the basis of any yoga routine.
From forward bends to lunges and twists, asanas are the current posture of the body.
In other words, asanas are the yoga poses one partakes during their session.
The benefits  Many claim that asanas provide both spiritual and physical benefits to an individual.
While spiritual research proves tricky, the physical side of this claim is a bit easier to tackle.
With a little research, one can quickly find several reputable studies providing that a variety of asanas improve flexibility and balance while increasing strength and stress maintenance.
However, it’s important to keep in mind that asanas refer to a wide range of yoga poses.
When looking for specific relief, it’s best to focus on the particular poses, or series of poses targeted to that area.  For example, many people begin their yoga journey looking for relief from back pain.  Poses such as cat-cow, extended triangle, sphinx, and locust are ideal in targeting muscles within the back area while providing relief from pain.
On the other hand, one may look to yoga for balance and stress relief.
If this is you, focusing on a style of yoga can be more beneficial than particular moves.
Hatha yoga focuses on the entire body, the body’s flow of energy, and the mind-body connection.
Through deep stretching and breathing, individuals find the needed release while energizing the muscles and increasing blood and oxygen flow.
While this is nearly the surface of one tiny aspect of the world of yoga, our team at Gateway Hills Health is happy to discuss how our Nashua yoga classes may be of benefit to your journey.
For more information, contact our team members today at (603) 821-9168.
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