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Have you wondered ‘what’s it like to own and drive a TX?’

The first of our test fleet driver forums got underway last week – thanks to all those who stopped by, here are a few snaps from the day.
Have you wondered ‘what’s it like to own and drive a TX?’.
If you have, we encourage you to join us at one of our ‘Meet the driver’ forums where you can get independent, genuine feedback from a real licensed cabbie currently operating in TX.
Learn their thoughts on what it’s like to drive the electric taxi in the city; what it’s like to charge on the street during the day; what fuel savings are being made; how the public are reacting to the new ‘green’ black cab;…….you can even take a look around the taxi.
[Click here] to view our calendar of upcoming driver forums [Click here] to learn more about TX – The Electric Taxi  The post OUR DRIVER FORUMS GET UNDERWAY appeared first on LEVC.



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