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Dungeons & Dragons adventure set

True Dungeon, showing up at major cons in the U.S., and something more than escape room.
We talk to the founder and creator of this immersive live-action, walk-through, Dungeons & Dragons adventure set, Jeff Martin.
True Dungeon at Origins.
True Dungeon – official website Volunteering to work True Dungeon True Dungeon on Youtube True Dungeon on Twitter   Announcements  Gamehole Con submissions for events is open.
Our friend, Eloy Lasanta latest KS is LIVE.
– Part Time Gods  2nd Edition  Random Encounter Emailed suggestion from Matt Seiberlich Comment from Crimfan Die Roll Brett  Medieval Combat World Championship  Listeners  D&D Castle in France.
July 1-5, .

2018 by Shane Freeman Kevthuhlu shares The Dholes House website
Resource for Call of Cthulhu and Pulp Cthulhu
Kevthuhlu also shares Soviet spy map

Spans 1950-1990, .

The Soviet army created incredibly detailed maps of much of the world

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