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Find Lite Android Apps at Lite Apps List The lite app

How much storage is enough for your Android phone

Perhaps it will never be enough for you, .

Considering that Google Play Store houses over 3 billion apps

There are always apps or games that might interest you.
Currently, money can buy you a smartphone with 512GB of built-in storage.
Soon enough, we will see a 1TB smartphone on the market.
Facebook Lite was first announced in June 2015 / Courtesy of Facebook If the phone you are currently using has limited internal storage, for say 16GB (or maybe less), and you are not looking for a phone upgrade anytime soon, then you should try your best to make every space counts.
Other than deleting your photos and videos to make more space.

You should consider getting a lite version of popular Android apps such as Facebook

Messenger, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Find Lite Android Apps at Lite Apps List The lite app, as the name implies, is lightweight.
It doesn’t take as much space as its original app.
Moreover, it saves you bandwidth and battery too.
If you are interested to replace your apps with the lite version, do head over to Lite Apps List.   At Lite Apps List, .

You can browse for a list of available lite Android apps

Every listed app is provided with links to Google Play and APK Mirror.  At the time of writing, there are a collection of 23 lite apps for download. They are :  Youtube Go Yandex Browser Lite UC Browser Mini Uber Lite U Launcher Lite Twitter Lite Skype Lite Shazam Lite Opera Mini Navigation for Google Maps Go Messenger Lite LinkedIn Lite LINE Lite Instagram Lite Google Maps Go Google Go Google Assistant Go Gmail Go Firefox Lite Files Go Facebook Lite Clean Master Lite Amazon Kindle Lite  Last but not least, you can submit a missing lite app to Lite Apps List if you don’t see the app on the site yet.
I’ve submitted Gallery Go (a lite version of Google Photos) as a missing app.  P.S.: You might want to give a regular visit to Lite Apps List for more future lite apps listing.
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