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I Spy – a classic and can be planned or spontaneous

Road Trip Games Make the journey your destination with fun activities Girlfriends on a road trip.
We love Road Trip Games.
Road trips are the way to go these days.
With concern for social distancing, limiting exposure to others, and staying healthy, a road trip fits the bill when travel is part of the plan.
While on the road, no one wants a boring ride.
Let’s add fun to the trip and make the ride all about the journey.   What can we do to make the trip fun.
Here are amusing games and activities that cure the “are we there yet blues!”   Scavenger Hunt – Search for exciting landscapes, other cars, attractions, and traffic signs along your route.
Create a search list of items.
Print out the list and give one to each passenger.
As you drive along, search for items on the list.
The person with the most answers when you arrive wins!   Make the journey the best part of the trip.
I Spy – a classic and can be planned or spontaneous.
One person looks around and chooses an object that the others have to guess, with their only clue being these words: “I spy with my little eye something that begins with either the first letter of the object’s name or a color.” It has to be something that’s not zipping by.
Another option for this game is to search online for a busy photo, print, or take a screenshot and share it with everyone.
Have one or two people be the spy.

And the race is on to find the object.  Name That Tune – This summer

I am enjoying finding songs for my playlist.
This game takes your playlist and turns it into an exhilarating activity.
Select a couple of songs from your playlist.
A few easy and a few not so easy to identify.

Create a “Name That Tune” playlist on your phone

Prepare to play two – four seconds of a song and wait for everyone to guess the name.
If no one guesses, you can choose to play the seconds again or play the next two or three seconds.

Give higher points for guessing in fewer seconds

Decide before starting how many points you will get for guessing in the first go-round, second go-round, .

Etc.  Give extra points if someone knows which movie or TV show featured the song

Mix it up with different genres of music    Load the devices with fun educational activities.

Geography Lesson – Make the trip a learning session

We have all played the geography game to state the capital of the state.
Switch it up and state the capital city and have everyone guess the name of the state.
Add bonus points if someone sees a tag from one of the states that were part of the game.   Snug As A Bug – The Volkswagon Beetle has been a favorite American car for years.
How many can you find on the road these days.
Here’s a little activity that you can keep going in the background of your trip.

Give everyone a tally sheet to mark when they see a Volkswagon Bug

Give Extra points for finding one from a faraway state.   Search online for great resources to create your activities.
Next Question – An excellent game for a long trip to learn more about everyone.
Create a list of questions to ask to create a conversation.
Skip the yes or no questions.
If there are big talkers in the group, place a time limit on each answer to ensure everyone gets to talk.     Story Telling – Here’s an activity that can go from funny to serious to funny again.
One person starts the story, and the next person adds the next part.
Continue the round-robin until someone says, “the end!” * The driver can join in on this one.  Would You Rather – Some decisions are tough, while others are easy to make.
You will find out what matters to your road mates in this game of decisions and choices.
Before you leave, make a list of would you rather situations.
Make a long list because this one is fun once you arrive and are looking for after-dinner activities.   *The driver can join in on this one.  The license plate games is a classic and never gets old.
License Plate Game – This classic can not be left off the list.
Count the license plates from each state and see how many you can find from each state.
Try another option by finding specialty nameplates and share what you think it means.   Car Karaoke – It’s a Sing-Along – What’s a road trip without a sing-along.
Prepare a playlist with songs everyone should know.
Sing the songs as a group, or take turns with one person singing, google the lyrics if needed for karaoke.     For more games and apps: Mobile apps for digital fun Classic Road Trip Games from Good House Keeping The post Road Trip Games – Make the journey your destination with fun activities appeared first on Travel Bags With Annita.



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