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Forbes recently spoke to Business Talent Group’s CEO

The gig economy has created a lot of opportunities—and not just for ridesharing platforms.
It’s also changed the way highly educated white-collar professionals make their living.
Lured by the prospect of working with, and not for, companies like Pfizer, Google, and Virgin America, they have joined the freelance workforce in increasingly large numbers.
And they’re remaking the way work gets done.
Ok, but what can the gig economy do for your company.
Forbes recently spoke to Business Talent Group’s CEO, Jody Miller, to discuss three ways the gig economy can turbocharge traditional businesses.
Read the piece to learn:  How accessing on-demand talent can increase your team’s agility Why freelancers make it easier to tap hard-to-hire skills How the gig economy can help your company do more with less  Read the article » Introducing the New Talent EconomyLearn how to put the gig economy to work on your top business initiatives.GET THE EBOOK.



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