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Though Floyd’s death has been heartbreaking to us

The editorial board of the University Times would first like to give our condolences to George Floyd’s family.
We stand against any type of inequalities, racism and oppression.
Though Floyd’s death has been heartbreaking to us, we are encouraged to see how this nation and other countries have united together against racism.  The UT will continue to do its part to tell the stories of those willing to speak on this matter.
We cannot even begin to understand how the black community is feeling and encourage everyone who wants their voice heard to reach out to us and allow us to tell your story.
We refuse to stay silent on the matter.

The UT has been working hard this past week on capturing campus voices

We always strive to make sure our content isn’t just timely and accurate, but is up to the high standards we feel our audience deserves.
We give our full support to the black community and empathize with its struggles.

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement

As a student-run news site and paper, we dedicate ourselves to listening to our campus and surrounding communities.
We ask of ourselves, and our readers: Listen to our fellow black students and organizers who are leading the fight against social injustices.
We have been reaching out to students to hear their voices on the injustices that have sparked the protests these past two weeks.
We hope that the works of our small volunteer staff can document the pain and frustrations our community is facing and inspire our campus to take actions to fight systematic racism.
We encourage our readership to voice their concerns and utilize what has now become our greatest asset since the pandemic pushed us to online publishing only: social media.
Document what you can, make your voice heard and most importantly, listen.
We are.



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