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Most Chapter events have been cancelled or postponed

Staying at Home     With most Circumnavigators staying close to home during the pandemic

there isn’t much to report.
Most Chapter events have been cancelled or postponed, and the Club is looking for options to hold our Annual Meeting.
It was good to hear that Circumnavigators in Singapore and the United Kingdom are doing fine in these circumstances.
Please let us know if you have any personal or travel news to report.
We know that there have been a host of cancelled trips.
Stay safe and healthy.
Annie Glenn Passes Away    Annie was the wife of Astronaut and Statesman John Glenn who received the Circumnavigators Order of Magellan.
Annie was an outstanding person who accomplished much in the field of speech disorders.

She died at the age of 100 from the deadly Covid-19
She was a “celebrity” at the Magellan event in New York City in 2001

Jeff Kelly, past president, remembers Annie as warm, friendly and fascinating.

The Glenns along with then-president Jeff Kelly and his wife Elizabeth
Assistant Treasurer Named    Circumnavigator Jim Franch

Chicago Chapter, has been appointed to this new position to help with the Club finances.

Jim is a Certified Public Accountant with many travel experiences

Jim in Brittany, France at Saint Malo Cap Frehel.

Time to Remember        As pointed out in a recent Circumbits

this is a good time for Circumnavigators to look back on their past travels and organize their photos and memories.

Circumnavigator Thomas Stratton-Crooke (Shaker Heights

Ohio) sent us this picture of him with a colorful doorman at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore way back in 1956.

The Last Shot    Circumnavigator Sandy Schopbach

Michigan Chapter, took this shot at Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.
Ha long literally means “descending dragon”. The islands are said to be giant emeralds that were once the teeth of Vietnam’s Mother Dragon and her children, who left them behind to create an impossible-to-penetrate barrier against foreign invasion.     Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot.
Please send to [email protected]
Luck to you.
David A.
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