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Case Study Turning Waste into Revenue

Industrial Gas Compression.
Unprecedented efficiency, productivity and reliability in cooling, recovery and compression.
Screw compressors.
Our single screw compressors are rotary, positive displacement compressors and provide the lowest life-cycle costs and highest reliability of all gas compressors.
Balanced design provides quiet and reliable operation, .

Even while performing at pressures over 1100 PSI

VSSG – Single Screw        VSG – Single Screw                       Smart Vapor Management.
Oil field tank vapor and flare gas recovery are gaining attention due to increasingly strict environmental regulations.
Emerson compressors offer a highly reliable alternative to traditional vapor recovery methods.
Vilter™ and Copeland Scroll™ compressors and packaged systems from Emerson deliver high-pressure capability.

SVM – Smart Vapor Management                         Industrial Controls
Vilter compressor controls meet the needs of any industrial project

Case Study  Turning Waste into Revenue.
Case Study  Turning Waste into Revenue.
How does one of the largest landfills in the U.
turn an $80,000 annual expense into a million-dollar revenue stream.
By building a landfill gas processing facility that uses 17 Vilter single screw compressors to generate usable energy from methane waste gas, reducing emissions by 63% overall in the process, that’s how.

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