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Secure  Video Conferencing .
- with encryption and digital  authentication .
Connected Events.
- world wide  broadcasting .
- safe and secure  virtual  health rooms.
Solutions compodium  2020-05-26T16:06:07+02:00                                      Solutions.
Compodium delivers secure and reliable video conference  solutions  to the health care sector.

With solutions from live surgeries in 4K resolution to Doctor vs Patient meetings

Compodium is truly a ”one stop shop” for any health care provider that seeks the possibility to enhance the collaboration inside their organisation by adding digital meetings as well as streamline the care flow by letting a patient meet a doctor online.

Read more about our solutions for eHealth   Secure Video Conferencing

Compodium is a premium supplier of secure and reliable video conferencing and  collaboration  solutions to larger enterprises and organisations throughout the world.
Our  solutions  can be delivered on premises, as a hybrid or from the cloud.
With our authenticated video meetings and fully encrypted  solutions , our tools are often used in business to consumer meetings as well as in high level meetings where security and quality is really important.

Read more about our Secure Video Conferencing solutions   Connected Events

Compodium  International  has understood that our customers are smart enough to understand the value of video as part of their smart communication, not only internally in videoconferencing or video calls point to point, but also to communicate via video to a larger crowd that could be located all over the world.
Compodium’s solutions for connected events include live streaming, .

Facebook broadcasts and recordings

We are also able to help our customers with productions,  live stream ing and fully produced broadcasts.
You want a youtube for grown ups.
We tube it.
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