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Delphi Compiler Core blog (2003-2005) Added to Archives

Danny Thorpe.
CZU Lightning Complex Fire Upper Alba Road.
Tech Analysis of “Serious security flaw in OAuth, OpenID Discovered”.
From the Vault.
PoE Secret Strengths.
What’s New in OData 4.0 Draft Spec.
XACML is Dead.
Long Live XACML!.
Delete Your WordPress  Admin  Account.
Window Firewall Won’t Start – Error 6801.
We Are DELL.
First Cast Glass.
Delphi  Compiler Core  blog (2003-2005) Added to Archives.
Windows  Live Quantum Mechanics  MSDN Blog Added to Archives.
Own Your Words.
Broadening Horizons.
A Tale of Two Bowls.
Iron Starburst.
Green Rimmed Rivet Bowl.
Green Rimmed Doodle Bowl.
Square Bowl.
Green On Black, Overfired.
A Wee Wisp.
Bird’s Egg Over Brown Bowl.
Black & Tan Bowl.
Red Gold Bowl.
Cat Face Bowl.
Brown Mug.
Blue Mug.
AntiGravity #2.
Green Rimmed Red Bowl.
Java WS-Policy UsingAddressing Warning When Calling.
NET WCF  Web Service .
3D Printing: It’s Real, And Real Work.
Google+ Circles Users: Limited  Distribution  Is Not Privacy.
Brother MFC Network Scanning in  Windows  7.
Databinding Collection Properties.
Weird Errors With EF4 CTP5 Code First.
Close All Database  Connections .
Side  Effects  of Hash-Bang URLs.
Error Using  Visual Studio  XSD.
EXE Utility.
Using Name space s with LINQ XPathSelectElement.
Elastic Computing.
Off to New Adventures at BiTKOO.
Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio – June 2010 Release.
Silverlight 4 to Include MEF.
Vote For What You Want Added to Windows Azure.
Windows Azure at PDC09.
Using SecureCard and other devices with VirtualPC Virtual Machines.
Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and.

NET Framework 4 Beta 2 Released

Thawte/Verisign End WebOfTrust.
Ajaxians Quit Mozilla for Palm.
Calculating Browser Client Height.
Software as Literature.
Converting Between EventHandler and EventHandler.

Updated Release Notes for Live Framework Tools April CTP

Live Framework SDK and Tools April CTP Release.
Joy of Unclear Writing.

Moonlight 1.0 Released – Silverlight for Linux

Live Framework Tools January 2009 CTP Release.
IE8 Cross-Domain Request Support Demo.
Live Mesh Wins “Best Technology Innovation/Achievement” Crunchies Award.
New Consumer Product Safety Testing Law Set To Destroy Home Crafts Industry.
Live Mesh Nominated for Crunchies Award.
Recent Google Homepage / GMail Widget Update Laced With Script Errors.
Live Mesh App Development Talk at Bay.
NET User Group Meeting December 17 2008.
Amazon Seller Orders System Down.
Mesh Your Ride.
Live Framework Webcast Monday December 8, 2008.
Batch Processing Live Mesh Data with Windows Azure or Live Framework.
Details on Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3.
Client-Side Live Operating Environment: What’s It For?.
Mashup Camp, Day 1.
How Do I Mesh Thee.
Let Me Count The Ways.
Blog Chatter on Live Framework Tools.
Inside Live Framework Tools for Visual Studio CTP1.
Fixing Default Permissions in Mesh Apps Created With Live Framework Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio.
Getting Started with Live Framework Tools for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Tools for Windows Azure and Live Framework

Ajaxian Leaves Google to Create Developer Tools Group at Mozilla.
Silverlight 2.0 Released!.
Menu Item Placement with Visual Studio.
VSCT Groups and Priorities.
Parallel Make: Using Build Stages to Prevent Pileups.
All Aboard for PDC2008.
Silverlight 2 Release Candidate Available for Download.
Live Mesh Wishlist: Paperless Billing Statements.
Cross-Domain Transport with Window.
HTML 5 Linking Proposal: Depth for Every Element.
Cross-Browser Dynamic JavaScript Loading.
Amazon S3 Down for 7 Hours; S3 Clients Looking for Exit.
WordPress 2.6 Released.
Handango Developer Application Approved (circa 2005).
Google Promos Radiohead House of Cards Video.
Browse the National Gallery of Australia in PicLens.
WordPress.com Adding Gears Support.

PicLens 1.7 Released with Discovery

Return Navigation.
Google Employee Records Stolen in Colt Break-In.
Between the Lines.
The Once and Future App.
Silverlight Supports Cross-Domain Calls.
Hyper-V Remote Management:  Workgroup Vista Client to Domain-Bound Server.
Brilliant Grasp of the Obvious.
Bonny Doon Fire Approaching Containment.
Bonny Doon Fire.
Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Released.
PicLens Featured in The Economist.
YouTube Exec Joins Cooliris.
Free WiFi at San Jose Airport.
Into the Maelstrom.
PicLens Adds CJK Character Display.
How to Link to PicLens Downloads.
Play Videos in PicLens!.

NVidia Campaign Features PicLens

Vista Upgrade DVD:  Don’t Bother.
Gallery To Support PicLens.
WordPress 2.5 Sneak Peak.
Serving RSS on IIS.
PicLens on Gizmos for Geeks.
PicLens Featured on Windows Marketplace.
PicLens in the New York Times.
The Cooliris Blog.
Fotki -> mediaRSS -> PicLens!.
Parallel Make in Win32.
Ridge Runners at Cooliris.
Vote for PicLens!.
Colin Powell Visits Cooliris.
The Eskilizer: Showing Love at GDC.

C# Future Focus: Delphi History Repeating

PicLens 1.6.1 IE on CNET.
McGillveray Studios On PicLens.
Pix.ie + PicLens = Photo Magic.

Zeno.org Adds MediaRSS for PicLensian (and Delphinian) Flair

Wired on PicLens.
ReadWriteWeb Covers PicLens.
Zaplife Adds MediaRSS, Goes Piclensian.
DailyFratze.de Adds MediaRSS, Goes PicLensian.
PicLens Primordial Ooze.
CNET Raves About PicLens.
PicLens 1.6.1 for Internet Explorer.
PicLens Fans Enhance PicLens WordPress Plugin.
The Stanford Daily Adopts PicLens.
Ken Henderson: 1967 – 2008.
PicLens 1.6.1 Adds Search.
Turning Heat into Power.
PicLens 1.6 Released!.
PicLens WordPress Plugin.
PicLens Lite & PicLens Publisher.
Classmates.com Cancels IPO.
PicLens for IE!.
PicLens 1.5.15 Now Available on Mozilla.org.
Al Gore Joins Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
PicLens 1.5.15 Update.
OpenSocial APIs – More Detail.
Google OpenSocial APIs – First Blush.
Google OpenSocial.
Nikon S51c WiFi: Not Quite Right.
The Conspiracy of Coincidence.
Schoolbus in the Mirror.
Transparent Plastic as Strong as Steel?.
Link to Content, Go To Jail.
Sandvox Website Designer Supports PicLens.
On Leaving Borland.
Immaculate Garden.

PicLens Plugin Makes the Firefox Recommended List

Leaving Microsoft.
Cross-Domain Communication Using Domain Lowering.
TMobile HotSpot at Home Phones Get Smarter.
Halo 3 Launched!.
MIX07 UK Podcast with Craig Murphy.
MIX07 UK Blogging.
PodCast Interview on LiveSide.
The Casual Traveler.
Blogging at ReMix07 London.
Halo 3 Promo Videos Running on Silverlight Streaming.
MSN’s The Podium 08 – Built On Silverlight.
Where Have We Heard That Before?.
Windows Live SkyDrive.
New In The Windows Live Contacts Control: Incremental Search!.
Black Pixels Cost Less?.
Custom Colors in the Windows Live Web Controls.
T-Mobile Rolls Out WiFi Cell Support.
ZeroGravity: Casual Gaming in Silverlight.
LinkedIn to Add an API?.
Secure Cross-Domain Communication:  The Architecture Journal.
Windows Live Web Controls Mix07 Video.
New Domains for Windows Live Web Controls.
Undisclosed Browser Technology.
Microsoft Surface.
A Cross-Domain Silverlight Channel 9 VideoRSS Player.
Hosting Silverlight On A Server That Won’t Host.
JS Files.
HTML Namespace Attributes and IE document.namespaces.
Silverlight XPS Document Reader Proof-Of-Concept.
More: Avoiding Popup Windows in Your Web Apps.
Hello World with Silverlight and Silverlight Streaming.
MIX07 Speaker Interviews on Channel 9.
Installing Silverlight 1.1 Alpha SDK.
MIX07: POST/GET/PUT/DELETE Your Way To Windows Live Data.
MIX07: Extending the Browser Programming Model with Silverlight.
MIX07: Bat Signals and Five Minute Field Ops Centers.
MIX07: Silverlight Supports Dynamic Languages (Iron Ruby, Iron Python, JavaScript).
MIX07 and Silverlight in Technorati Top 10.
MIX07: Windows Live Platform Beta.
MIX07: Social Mixing.
Blogging in my own session.
MIX07 Keynote: Silverlight With Cross-Platform.
NET Runtime.
Windows Live Spaces Control Launched.
Print Labels With the Windows Live Contacts Control.
Scott Guthrie on Red vs Blue.
Michael Scherotter Joins Microsoft.
LiveInABox – Windows Live Service APIs and Examples In One Convenient Location.
I’M Making a Difference.
Beginner Developer Learning Center.
Games for Windows – Live beta invitations.
Contacts Control Now Available in 9 Languages.
Twice Tagged.
Windows Live Contacts Control Shows Online Presence.
2007 Events Calendar.
Namespaces in HTML: Too much trouble to bother with.
Windows Live Contacts Control Write API.
TechEd Barcelona Wrap-up.
TechEd TechEd TechEd.
Talking Heads on TechEd VirtualSide.
Why More Websites Don’t Support Opera.
Windows Live At TechEd Europe.

Windows Live Contacts Control Beta 0.2 Released

Heads Up – Breaking Changes Ahead.
Windows Live Contacts the Video on Channel9.
Windows Live Contacts Q&A.
Blogging with Windows Live Writer.
Windows Live Contacts Gadget Beta Release.
NET Languages Symposium 2006.
Map Your Mind:  MindMap + VirtualEarth.
Charlie Calvert Joins Microsoft C# Team.
Mashup Camp 2006 Wrapup.
Mashup Camp: Identity discussion.
Mashup Camp Photos.
Mashup Camp.
And a Crack of Thunder….

Windows Live at Toronto Delphi User Group

TechEd 2006 Wrapup.
Windows Live Dev Beta Launch.
The New Platform Play.
Into the Maelstrom.
Delphi Roadmap 2005 – 2006.
Language Integrated Query (LINQ).
Windows Vista: Clear, Confident, Connected.
Off to PDC.
Unicode Identifiers Require Unicode Source.
Hell Freezing, Chuck Blogging.
Delphi for.
NET Compact Frameworks Technology Preview Available for Download.
Limited by Nonsense.
The Intel Mac.
Software Patents Stifle Open Source?.
Where Are They Now.
Ken Henderson.
dFlickr: Delphi API Kit for Flickr.
Australia Delphi User Group Autumn Symposium 2005.
WinForms, Compact Frameworks, and Outhouses.
NET Running on.
NET Compact Frameworks.
A Thousand Irons in the Fire.
Intel Perspectives.
Whidbey Compiler Dev Lab.
Where’s My Delphi for.
NET Compact Framework?.
NET Interview.

Delphi Compiler Core blog moved to blogs.borland.com

Back to Basics.
I Only Blog From Airport Lounges.
DCC moving to Borland Blog Central.
Delphi 8 update 3 in testing.
Toronto Nov 29 & 30.
Delphi 8 vs.
NET 1.1 SP1 status update.
Delphi 8 vs.
NET 1.1 SP1.
We Be Geeks, Ya.
Create the Home Field Advantage.
BorCon Bloggers Everywhere!.
Borland’s Managed Database Engine.
Unicode Identifiers.
Blog Firings.
Lead Us Not Into Isolation.
Corporate Roadmap.
Free as in beer.
New For Loop Syntax.
Naming Generic Params.
The Pure and The Practical.
CrossKylix Plugin for Delphi IDE.
Mono 1.0 Released.
Borland Joins ECMA Standards Body.
Floodgates Opened.
Freaky Fast Forward.
Be Careful What You Wish For.
Why Corbin Doesn’t Blog.
TechEd Teaser.
Will Borland ever officially support the Mono platform?.
One For the Road.
Value Meal: One Bacon Double Research, Hold the Labels.
The Dirt on Finalization.
That Which We Dare Not Name.
Spring 2004 Tour.
How to Persuade Borland to Do Anything.
Verdict on Win32 Attributes: Not This Year.
Technology Goals for 2004.
64bit Delphi Sightings.
What would you use attributes for in Win32?.
The Hidden Costs of Memory Mapped Files.
Platform Invoke Cheat Sheet.
Array type compatibility differences between Delphi 7 and Delphi 8 for.
Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft.
NET Framework API Map.
RSS feed.
Typeless var params in.
Does Chuck Jazdzewski’s departure mean the end of Delphi?.
Delphi 8 for.
NET ships!.
Delphi-Source.de interview.
Will Delphi for Win32 components work in Delphi for.
Is Linux still a target platform for Borland in the next couple of years?.
Will Delphi for.
NET support.
NET Compact Frameworks?.
What would it take to create a 64-bit Delphi compiler to fully engage the Intel and AMD 64-bit chips?.
Will the Delphi compiler be updated to use CMOVcc instructions to reduce execution delays caused by branching?.
Delphi Compiler Core.



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