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No sensitive data is stored in the Instinct Engine

Instinct Engine Software.
Instinct Engine.
Managing digital business risk has become a critical success factor for  board member s and senior executives.
High-profile losses and new  regulations  across many industry sectors make it crucial to monitor and manage these risks closely.
Even the best  cybersecurity  tools and all the data they produce cannot predict the business impact of unexpected digital exposures lurking around the corner.

The only Dynamic Digital Risk Platform

The Instinct Engine implements a dynamic quantitative risk model to capture inputs from your key business and security  stakeholder s.
It combines this expert  information  with targeted metrics and analytics to help organizations manage their cyber risk appetite at the second line of defense.
The Instinct Engine provides consistent visibility into risk posture across business units,  technologie s, and assets—comparing the total impact an organization is willing to tolerate against tomorrow’s scenarios, predicting where attacks may occur and the damage they can cause.
Easy to Deploy, Self-Learning, Instinctive Interface.
The Instinct Engine installs easily on-premises or in the cloud and only needs two to three  data sources  to begin providing a picture of your digital risks.
It takes a multidimensional compound-metric approach to answering  the question  “should we be nervous?” about risk exposures ranging from:  Cyber Exposures.
Personnel Factors.
Process Breakdowns.
Technology Impact.
and more.
The engine assesses hundreds of potential loss scenarios created by  these  exposures and prioritizes those that are the most likely and could create the biggest business impacts.
Technology and  Key Features .
The Instinct platform enables users to build and track large numbers of digital risk scenarios with simple metrics and visualizations to help understand overall risk across their business.
Taking advantage of existing data sources, the Instinct Engine applies advanced data analysis and swarming AI to measure risk and exposure, including comparison across different leading government and industry security frameworks.
This combination of business and security assessment intelligence sets a new benchmark for effective digital risk management.
Scenario Risk Modeling  Emergynt’s Instinct Engine uses real-world risk scenarios  to show exposure to top-level business impacts.
The platform has a large scenario library out of the box and includes a scenario-building module  that enables users to quickly model and assess other situations of concern.
Learn more about our dynamic risk model.
Machine Imagination  The Instinct Engine also uses powerful machine imagination AI  to generate new scenarios.
This feature expands the predefined core scenarios to find areas of weakness and higher risk that might be overlooked.
Flexible Deployment and Data  Instinct Engine can easily be installed on-prem or in the cloud and integrates with 50+ out-of-the-box data sources.
No sensitive data is stored in the Instinct Engine.
Installation and data connections can be completed in as little as five days  with no additional deployment needed.
Learn more about data sources.
Request Your Demo.
Instinct Engine Software.



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