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City & Guilds is a global leader in skills development

City and Guilds.
Using triggered messaging to deliver tailored  experiences  and drive ROICustomers / Higher Education / City and Guilds                                                                 51%.
open rate for triggered  messaging  15x.

Return on investment    SectorHigher EducationHighlighted features

City & Guilds is a global leader in skills  development .

Over one million people earn a City & Guilds qualification every year

providing them with the skills they need to thrive in the workplace.
Established in 1878, today.

The London-based educational organization works with governments

employers, and educators in over 50 countries, across five continents.
Changes to the  education  industry saw a greater focus was being placed on cost-efficacy, improving pass rates, providing real work experience, and real employment opportunities.
In the smaller but highly competitive Awarding Organization (AO) space, .

City & Guilds found themselves fighting to remain prominent
Alongside major players such as EdExcel and OCR

it was now contending with niche providers focused on specific industries.
All the while, it was also growing awareness and take-up of its wider services, supporting centres with their broader  challenge s.
To continue to provide this vast range of services, .

City & Guilds realized it needed to improve the quality of its customer communications
This would ensure that it would be the AO colleges

schools, businesses, and centres continued to turn to provide qualifications.
Realizing the need to tailor its marketing  communication s, City & Guilds decided to put in place a four-year program to automate its marketing and management of customer feedback.
Its goal was to ensure all  customers  receive relevant communications in the most cost-effective way.
In order to do this, it needed to  understand  customer behavior across different touchpoints, and offer relevant content at each one.
As a result, it needed to build a fully integrated  infrastructure  which would could provide a 360-degree customer view.

This was possible by integrating Engagement Cloud with its CRM and web application

By syncing  these  systems it’s able to track web behavior and purchase history to deliver relevant and timely content.
Thanks to this, it’s been able to set up a wide range of highly refined triggered programs.
Once an existing customer logs onto the site, it will immediately know who they are, what their job title is, and which qualifications they’re interested in.
Triggered messages are set up to send to visitors when they visit pages related to their field of interest.
For instance.

If a Head of Hairdressing visited a page on beauty qualifications

they’d receive an automated follow-up offering them a download, or discussion with a support team member.

Find out more about marketing automation     Results

When compared to single email follow-ups, the success of automating triggered messaging was evident.
It’s now able to deliver specific, personalized content at scale.
As a result, its achieved open rates of 51%, and boosted the number of opportunities from this campaign by 32%.
It also delivered a return of investment of 15:1.

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