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three row layout on Golden Cryptex

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Golden Cryptex is a Red Tiger Gaming  slot game  that was first released back in February 2020.
Below, we will be taking a closer look at a number of  different  aspects associated with the game and how you can begin playing Golden Cryptex today.

Continue on with our Golden Cryptex slot review to learn more about the features

bonuses and RTP associated with the game.
How to play Golden Cryptex.
Before you can begin playing you must  understand  the functions that can be adjusted within Golden Cryptex to personalise the game to be played the way that you feel most comfortable with and enjoy.
These will enable you to get the most out of the slot and play it your way.
First of all you will need to select the size of the stake that you are playing with, which can be done by  selecting  the stake icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
There is a wide variety of stakes to choose from that will then appear on your screen, with players advised  to select  a stake that you both feel comfortable with and that falls within your account balance at that time.

The autoplay feature is also available to Golden Cryptex players

with this being available via the ‘auto’ icon next to the stake icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Here, you are able to complete either 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 spins at the click of a button.
Slot  Features .
There is a five reel, three row layout on Golden Cryptex.
It also comes with a classic style theme that many  experience d slot players will have become familiar with over time.

There is a minimum stake of 10p per spin for players that play Golden Cryptex

while the maximum stake per spin is capped at £60.
This margin will ensure that no matter what your preference is when it comes to playing on  slot games  you will be able to find a stake amount that you feel comfortable playing with.
The maximum win  available  to players is 1500x your stake, meaning the biggest possible win available to players from a single spin on Golden Cryptex is £90,000.
You will certainly find bigger maximum wins elsewhere and if it’s the monster wins that you’re  searching  for then you may be better off looking elsewhere.
Still, £90,000 certainly shouldn’t be sniffed at and there is plenty of potential for significant wins in Golden Cryptex.

The Golden Cryptex slot comes with an RTP rating of 94.66%


There are a number of bonus features included within Golden Cryptex

with these bonuses being the things that you should really be hoping to unlock in your pursuit of big wins within the game.
The first of these is the code cracking bonus feature, which is triggered when you land a combination of five or more matching symbols.
When you trigger this you will see five symbols lined above the reels, but what you are looking for is to see five aces across the middle row, .

As this gives you the biggest payout and triggers the Golden Spins feature

Players can also access a Second Chance feature that applies if you land three or four aces across the middle row, with these then remaining frozen in place while the other reels spin again.
This will then give you a second chance of triggering the bonus round or could give you another respin instead.

There is also a Free Spins feature included within Golden Cryptex

which is triggered when the Cryptex Code Ace is upgraded to the horseshoe symbol.
This then immediately rewards you with 10 free spins.
Landing just one more symbol from the ‘code’ above each reel will then give you the Cryptex Cash win.
Players that are able to crack the code during the free spins feature will then see a further three extra free spins added to your total.
If you manage to upgrade to the highest value symbol it will then remain in place for the rest of the feature.

There are plenty of positives that come with Golden Cryptex

not least the fact that there are a number of bonus features included within the game that can unlock some pretty significant wins.
The extra opportunities included within these bonus games can also see you have additional chances to win when you get the chance to do so.
However, we did find that the base game was, at times, a bit monotonous and the maximum win available to players is lower than what you could find on other slot games.



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