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Endurance Zone CEO and Co-Founder

Endurance Zone announced the launch of its online television network Endurance Zone TV on August 10, 2020.
Content is now available on iOS, FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Android, and AndroidTV.

Endurance Zone TV will offer both free and paid subscriptions starting at US$6.99

Currently, .

Endurance Zone has initiated a special Founder Club offering for early members

‘Started by a group of veteran age group and professional athletes, Endurance Zone TV is delivered on an OTT platform designed to provide all things endurance sports in a single source of positive, informative, inspirational.

And entertaining content.’ The Endurance Zone TV executive team includes: Todd Jennings

CEO; Rob Verhelst, President; and Derek Fitzgerald, CMO / COO.

Executive Advisors for the new channel are: Bob Babbitt and Greg Bennett

Pro athlete advisors are: Cam Brown, Mirinda Carfrae, Meredith Kessler and Tim O’Donnell.
Derek Fitzgerald, Chief Marketing Officer at Endurance Zone described the new channel as “your omnichannel source for all endurance sports.” Currently, 14+ original Endurance Zone weekly shows are being hosted by some of the biggest names in sports.
These include titles such as: Transitions from War – hosted by US Marine Veteran Mike Ergo; Challenged Athlete Heroes with host Bob Babbitt of Breakfast with Bob fame; and In the Zone with Co-Founder Fireman Rob.
Other shows are designed around tours of the pain caves of elite athletes, talk shows with professional athletes about the view of races from the front and the back of the pack, coaching and nutrition.
In addition, Endurance Zone TV will host a number of docuseries this autumn/fall as well as some pay-per-view events.
“As endurance athletes, one of our foundational aspects is the drive to overcome,” said Todd Jennings, Endurance Zone CEO and Co-Founder.
“We encounter it in our daily lives and the world we live in, .

And it’s that passion that has fuelled Endurance Zone

If you are not sure how to overcome the roadblocks and challenges that prevent you from getting out of that funk, frustration, or as I say ‘lack of racing blues’.

Please join me and the entire Endurance Zone team for something new

different, inspiring, and engaging.
No virtual races here, .

Just ‘Life Beyond Limit’.” www.EnduranceZone.com


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Re: Endurance Zone CEO and Co-Founder

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