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AdvancePro Technologies   Inventory Management Software for QuickBooks Users

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Printing and distributing a catalog can be a major expense associated with making your product available to a wide range of customers.  AdvancePro’s i-Catalog is cost effective way to instantly and drastically increase the availability of your catalogue to a wider range of customers.  Your online catalogue will have links directly into your online shopping cart, resulting in the ability for customers to browse your products and place orders without any effort required from your sales force.
AdvancePro’s i-catalog includes the following features:  An interactive online catalog that is an exact copy of your published catalog.
Total integration with your shopping cart makes ordering easy for your customers.
Reduces printing and distribution costs.
Maximizes multi-channel marketing.
Preserves visually intended product placement.
Increases cross-sells and up-sells.
Delivers an intuitive online shopping experience.
Boosts the audience for your catalog.
Innovative compression and optimization technology that provides unparalleled online clarity of copy, graphics detail and loading speed.
Fully functional mini pages enable shoppers to conveniently browse the catalog online regardless of their connection speed.
Hyperlinked table of contents.
Key word search provides search capabilities based on keyword, page number or product number.
Optional feature enables shoppers to email a catalog page to others, enabling merchants to increase reach without increasing overhead.

For more information on AdvancePro inventory management system see our full features list

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