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According to Zoom’s status page on Friday

On Friday, April 3rd, .

Zoom reported an outage due to strains reported on the cloud video conferencing platform

Because of this outage, .

Clients were reporting error messages after attempting to log into Zoom’s web client

According to Zoom’s status page on Friday, their web client is currently under maintenance and they are trying to get the Zoom web client and web SDK back online.
Additionally, on Wednesday, April 1st, Zoom’s CEO, Eric Yuan, enacted a freeze on all feature development for 90 days due to security and privacy issues such as information leaks reported by users (a.k.a “Zoombombing”).

While Zoom gained popularity during the start of the COVID-19 crisis

the limitation of offering video conferencing capabilities alone coupled with the recent incidents have got businesses wondering if Zoom is a reliable and long-term solution.

Is this the rise or fall of Zoom

Is it indicative of a larger issue with a piecemeal approach to your work from home strategy (or lack thereof).
What businesses need today – an integrated strategy Most businesses, employees and customers that we’re interacting with today are looking for an integrated solution that strategically meets these three requirements:  Enables everyone to work from anywhere on any device All-in-one voice-enabled platform-level collaboration solution Secure, scalable and long-term              Introducing Microsoft Teams In a span of two years, Microsoft Teams has become the leading collaboration platform world-wide.
It is used by 93 of the Fortune 100 companies and 44 million users daily.
Microsoft Teams delivers world-class collaboration features such as collaborative, persistent chats, desktop sharing, file sharing, group editing, multi-party audio/video calling, remote/mobile/guest conferencing and more – all in one place, on one platform, with one click.
But what about voice.

Introducing Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams That’s where Evolve IP comes in
Evolve IP combines the world’s most stable Cisco hosted PBX platform

with Microsoft Teams to deliver advanced PBX features and contact center functionalities that enable businesses to work securely from anywhere on any device.
Evolve IP’s Microsoft Teams solution has helped our associates and customers successfully carry out business and work remote during this pandemic.

And whether it’s the Zoom outage that was reported on Friday

April 3rd or a collaboration provider’s outage, Evolve IP has you covered.
Mobile Workspaces –  a better solution than ‘just’ Desktop as a Service Ditch the VPN with Evolve IP’s Workspaces and give your associates easy identity management and access to all of their SaaS applications, as well delivers data center applications to any device, wherever your users are and whatever devices they are on.
IT also features full cloud desktops for power users with heavy OS needs.

Integrated with Evolve IP’s collaboration and voice solutions we deliver a seamless

strategic Work Anywhere approach that keeps businesses productive, secure and mobile.
Business Continuity With Evolve IP’s award-winning OSSmosis portal, clients can quickly and efficiently reroute incoming voice traffic to an alternate phone number. So during a crisis, an event of a natural disaster or a Microsoft Teams outage, your associates can enable the business continuity feature on OSSmosis and stay connected.
In addition to the call forwarding and remote office option available for voice via Evolve IP’s OSSmosis portal, our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution differentiates itself by delivering advanced PBX features, contact center functionalities, call recording, receptionist applications, 24x7x365 US based support and dedicated project management all via a platform level integration (and not a 3rd party software like most vendors out there). And because our solution is built on the world’s leading and most stable VoIP platform, Cisco, we can ensure reliability, security and uptime that no other voice-enabled Teams provider can.

We can help Do you have a complete Work From Home strategy yet

Are you planning to adopt Zoom and add multiple vendors/solutions for PBX and contact center capabilities.
Do you plan on providing virtual desktop options for your associates or deliver one-off access or are you planning to migrate to Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice, the only platform-level solution that integrates with the best technologies world-wide, Microsoft & Cisco.

Click here to learn more about Evolve IP’s integrated

strategic approach to Work Anywhere.

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