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KONNI has been used in highly targeted attacks only

After a decade, Qbot Trojan malware gains new,  dangerous  tricks.
27                        The Qbot Trojan has been plaguing computer users and businesses for over a decade and the cybercriminals behind it are still coming up with new tricks that keep it one of the most prevalent and  successful  malware threats.
The latest technique observed by security  researchers  involves the malware inserting itself into the legitimate email threads […]        Category     Written by Csoonline                                                  CISA Warns of Phishing Emails Delivering KONNI Malware.
17                         Active since at least 2014 but remaining unnoticed for over three years, KONNI has been used in highly targeted attacks only, including ones aimed at the  United Nations , UNICEF, and entities linked to North Korea.

Security researchers also identified a link between KONNI and DarkHotel

Once installed on a victim’s computer, the threat can exfiltrate […]        Category                                                    FBI, .

NSA Share Details on New ‘Drovorub’ Linux Malware Used by Russia
14                        Drovorub

a joint advisory from the NSA and the FBI reveals, is being employed by the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) 85th Main Special Service Center (GTsSS) military unit 26165, which is better known as the cyber-espionage group APT 28 (Fancy Bear, Pawn Storm, Strontium, Sednit, Tsar Team).
APT 28 is believed to […]        Category                                                  More Stories .
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