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Environmental Consultants & Building Engineers

Environmental Consultants & Building  Engineers .
Giving you the data and  tools  you need to deliver at the speed of the deal.
Your  professional  findings and opinions are crucial to managing property risks.
Our platform helps you stay focused on the art and science of  your business .
Access the industry’s most comprehensive environmental records and historical property use  information  and do your best work faster than ever before.

Learn More  EDR has driven over 5 million Phase I ESAs

Every year, .

More than 7,400 engineering firms choose EDR to support their property due diligence work

With over 1,600 databases and the nation’s largest collection of historical property use  information , our data is the most trusted in the industry.
Confidence in content.
Rely on the most trusted, comprehensive, and frequently updated data and  historical  content the industry has to offer.
Enhanced field data  collection .
Collect and transmit photos and notes from the field, making site visits more  productive .
Clearly advanced review & analysis.
View all your environmental information in a single, powerful application.
Quality, delivered.
Assemble consistent, on-brand reports quickly and deliver them securely to your clients.
Explore how our solutions fit your specific needs.
Consultants & Engineers       Building Assessment Professionals                       Sound interesting.
Get the data, connections & tools you need to learn more about every opportunity, faster than ever before.
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