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Aurora Multimedia Corp.205 Commercial Ct.

From news media to sporting events, studies show that  customers  invest more time (and money) in a company that catches their attention in a visual manner.  Walk into any restaurant or bar today, and the amount of video media displayed is astounding.  Maintaining these displays and adjusting to customers’ needs and wants can require a lot of hands, or maybe just a lot of multitasking.
Aurora has simplified the installation and operation of these systems through advanced HD switching  technology  and IP control systems.
No need to be tied to a single remote or  fixed  touch screen location.
Aurora in corporate s a mix of traditional and mobile IP technologies to make multiple display control a simple and easy task.
A/V  distribution  and control can be carried over a single cable to each location, minimizing intrusion into the facility.
Aurora Multimedia Corp.205  Commercial  Ct., Morganville, NJ 07751  Voice:   Fax: 732.591.5801.
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