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You can pre-order Hamed’s book here

Introducing you to Women Rock’s debut video interview with Hamed Amiri

I was introduced to Hamed only a few months back and we instantly had a connection and it was obvious we shared a huge passion for inclusion and diversity.
Whilst this interview goes into depth around that subject we also discuss so much more including his background and how he came to the UK in 2001 from Afghanistan, we talked about his amazing family, his career, his mistakes, his mentors and his inspiration.
In this interview, we also discuss ‘A boy with two hearts’ a book which Hamed has written and will be released in the summer.
You can pre-order Hamed’s book here.
I wanted to post this heartwarming interview to share positivity, .

Motivation and also another reason why we should be so proud of the NHS

Thank you so much Hamed, .

You are truly amazing and this Women Rock interview is dedicated to your brother Hussain

An interview by Alicia Teagle  A voice for diversity in tech  I: @womenrockbristol T: @womenrockbrstl The post A Boy With Two Hearts – An interview with Hamed Amiri appeared first on Socially Responsible Recruitment.



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