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through our Safety First programme

Ardmac, .

The leading construction specialist have launched their Seasons of Safety initiative

The campaign runs as part of their ongoing Safety First program and is focused on seasonal impacts of safety.
In many parts of the world, the year is made up of four different seasons.
These seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
Each season has its own variation of activity.

Ardmac’s new Seasons of Safety initiative reflects the seasons

Seasonal Display boards will be located across Ardmac projects and supported by dedicated Toolbox talks.
Diarmaid Magee, SHEQ Director at Ardmac outlined “As we continue to innovate ways of delivering our Safety First message, .

We are pleased to introduce our new Seasons of Safety initiative

We believe, through our Safety First programme, we can eliminate injuries and enhance people’s lives by embedding positive attitudes and beliefs to safety, enabling them to think about safety positively and in a different way.

” Ardmac are using the tree as an icon to reflect their core values of Safety First

Though the seasons change, .

Their core values of Safety First remain the same

Ardmac have recently been shortlisted for the North West Construction Group’s Safety Innovation award which takes place in March 2020.

As part of the Seasons of Safety launch

the team are also releasing their new Tool Box Talk format.
All Tool Box Talks fall under core safety criteria:  Work at Height Task Planning Hazardous Substances Material Handling Health & Wellbeing  For more information on Safety First and the Seasons of Safety, click here  The post Ardmac launches their Seasons of Safety Initiative appeared first on Ardmac.



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