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The top-three is completed by Lada with 1326 units

🔊 Listen to this                      RusAutoNewsCom.- The Russian LCV market has amounted to 9,939 units in July 2020, indicating a 0.4% year-on-year fall, as reported by Autostat.

The traditional leader of the market GAZ has kept its position

with 43% market share.
GAZ has sold 4,311 vehicles, which indicates a 1.1% year-on-year fall.
Ford occupies the second spot, reaching a sales figure of 1.374 units.
The top-three is completed by Lada with 1326 units.

UAZ and Peugeot came fourth and fifth respectively

Gazelle Next was the best-selling model in July 2020 followed by Ford Transit and Lada Largus.
Russian LCV market: Top 10 best-selling LCV brands in July 2020 in Russia (*):        Top 10 best-selling LCV models in July 2020 in Russia (*):         *) Figures include: LCVs.



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