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Business Development Manger at EGT Interactive

EGT Interactive is thrilled to announce that has been honored with a special certificate as one of the Top 10 Casino Tech Solution providers for 2019 according to CIO Applications Europe magazine.
They put the company among other leaders in the industry regarding its achievements and products.
Todor Zahariev, CEO of EGT Interactive said: “We appreciate this prize and are proud that this couple of years of very hard work are successful and are seen positively not only from our clients, but from the whole iGaming industry.
We’ll continue to follow our values and to move ahead, to drive our unique value proposition to its zenith.
Our portfolio of online casino games is notable for its original look and traditional characteristics, and this unique trait is setting us apart from the competition.” See the special interview in CIO Magazine with Irina Rusimova, Business Development Manger at EGT Interactive.
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