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the Committee Boat will be kept moored to the starting hut

FOSSC Covid Update The Covid Committee met on Friday 14th August to review the Club’s sailing program and current restrictions.

Sailing From 1st September the Club will revert to its published sailing program
The Committee Boat will be brought into service to support a wider choice of courses

Access to the fuel store key will be re-established to allow access for the Committee boat keys and fuel as standard FOSSC procedures.
After use, the Committee Boat will be kept moored to the starting hut.
Members rostered for OOD, AOD and rescue boat are requested undertake their duties.
If a member feels they are unable to do so this against concerns of the virus they are requested to inform the sailing secretary as soon as possible.
The Championship race ‘Frampton Paddle’ will be held on the 13th September as Frampton Show has been cancelled so we have access to the Club.
First race 1200.
Club House Currently the Committee was unable to recommend any changes to the restrictions applying to the Club House and its Changing Facilities.

Regulations require that the Club conducts a review of its procedures if a member

who has recently used the Club tests positive for the Covid virus.
Members who find them selves in this unfortunate position are requested to inform the Club using the ‘Contact’ link on the club’s web site.
The Committee is grateful for the support and understanding the members have given in working through the current difficulties.



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