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How to Make Your Videos Look and Sound Better!

What’s up, everyone.
I’m back with some more video tips for you.
Have you ever watched a video where the audio is edited so tight, that you get really distracted and can’t even focus on the message.
That’s what I’m going to talk about today, and what you can do to fix it so your videos look and sound better.
A lot of times when newbie video content creators are editing, they try and take out mistakes they make in their dialog, for instance saying “um” and using other filler words, such as “like” and “you know.”  While jump cuts have become more acceptable in videos you watch nowadays, you don’t want to make your edits too tight, unless that’s a style choice for a reason.  If you do make really tight edits because the audio has a lot of mistakes, find b-roll to cover up the audio edits, and that will make your video look so much smoother and professional.
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Because most of us are not using teleprompters to deliver our message on camera

it can be hard to memorize your script.
What I do, is write about 1-2 sentences that I can easily memorize.
Since I mentioned jump cuts have become acceptable in today’s world, it’s not as distracting to see them in bigger chunks of time.

You want to AVOID making edits in the middle of a thought or a sentence

If you are on camera and just talking to the camera without a script, .

Practice practice PRACTICE talking to the camera and avoiding filler words

For me, slowing down my speaking, and using my hands is really helpful to avoid saying words like, “um.” Trust me, once you start editing yourself and taking out all your “um’s,” you will definitely become more conscious of it and avoid it.
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