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Who is that person?  His name is David Ledonne

All politics are local and personal.  That has been my operating principle for 60 years of campaigning in my hometown of Wakefield, Massachusetts.
Case in point.  My normally April town election was postponed to June 23 due to Covid-19.  I checked out the local races / candidates and ‘Bingo’!  I found a true progressive challenging an incumbent for Board of Assessors.  Well, sign me up.
Excerpt from his announcement: “In these extraordinary times, with so many townspeople out of work and businesses shuttered or partially reopened, the taxpayers of Wakefield deserve an experienced independent assessor who will advocate for them, and provide greater transparency on the tax relief benefits that are currently available to those taxpayers who may qualify.” My Letter to the Editor of the local newspaper: “I witnessed many seniors weeping openly.  Why?  They could not pay their bills on fixed incomes.
I was the Ombudsman for the Commonwealth at the Executive Office of Elder Affairs from 2008 to 2015.  When I informed seniors that they might qualify for an annual $1,000 credit into their pocket they sometimes wept a second time — in joy and relief.
The Circuit Breaker Tax Credit was claimed by fewer than 10% of all eligible seniors at that time and is still left on the table by many today.
When I had to decide who to support this year for Board of Assessors this memory was foremost in my mind and I felt that I could only support the person running who had the same passion I have about helping Wakefieldians like those seniors — and someone who believed in open and welcoming government.
Who is that person?  His name is David Ledonne.

When I talked to David about why he was running

I found him to be knowledgeable, helpful and caring.  He pledged to work hard and reach out to underserved communities when discussing abatements, exemptions and tax deferrals including seniors, veterans, disabled, surviving spouses, small commercial businesses and those facing financial hardship.
I believe David Ledonne will be a strong voice for the voiceless at Wakefield Town Hall.  He has earned my vote for Assessor on Tuesday, June 23.” I urge all my fellow progressives to think globally / act locally AND to persuade the persuadable then activate the persuaded.



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