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COVID-19 has made everything more difficult this year

Allan Charles of USC-Union will be offering his “History of Christianity” course this coming semester at the university for the first time in two and one-half years.
As everyone knows, COVID-19 has made everything more difficult this year, but face-to-face classes are planned to be held at the university starting Thursday August 20, with limited enrollments (social distancing) and face masks required.
Fans will be used for ventilation.
It will be no more dangerous than being in a store or a gym.

Charles’ course will be held in the Central Building

Room 208, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 p.m., with the first class being Thursday, August 20.

No actual tuition is required for South Carolina residents over age 60

but there may be a minimal fee.
Most traditional-age students have been pre-registered, but others will need to call the Admissions Office at 864-424-8056 to schedule an appointment to register.



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